Shipwreck Stew

Ingredients 2 lbs of ground meat1 sweet onion1 tablespoon minced garlic2 tablespoons chili powder2 teaspoons salt1 teaspoon black pepper1 teaspoon cayenne pepper2 cans diced tomatoes (don’t drain)2 cans whole kernel corn (don’t drain)2 cans kidney beans (don’t drain)5 small potatoes diced DirectionsCrumble and brown meat.Drain.Add onion and garlic to meat and cook until onion isContinue reading “Shipwreck Stew”

Covid Chicken Soup

I’m starting our blog recipes off with my Covid Chicken Soup recipe. I decided to name it Covid Chicken Soup because I wanted something to eat while I’m sick with Covid19. Homemade is always healthier than store bought. Check out my “Life” page for updates on my Covid19 recovery. Ingredients 3 split chicken breasts (OrContinue reading “Covid Chicken Soup”