Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef (Reduced Sodium & Sugar)

Ingredients 1 1/2 lbs of beef steak 1/3 cup cornstarch1 tablespoon of toasted sesame oil1 teaspoon minced garlic1 teaspoon ground ginger1/2 cup reduced sodium soy sauce1/3 cup Swerve Brown Sugar or Truvia2/3 cup water2 green onions Directions Cut beef into strips. Cut against the grain. (Watch video for explanation if you are not sure)Place beefContinue reading “Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef (Reduced Sodium & Sugar)”

Honey Garlic Crock-Pot Chicken

Ingredients 4 chicken breasts1/2 cup water2 cloves garlic – sliced2 teaspoons paprika2 teaspoons basil1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon pepper2 tablespoons honey Directions This is super easy to make. All you do is place your chicken breasts in a crock-pot. Add the water.Then add the garlic on top of chicken.Sprinkle all the seasonings on the chicken.Drizzle honeyContinue reading “Honey Garlic Crock-Pot Chicken”