Counting Calories – 8 weeks

This is a few days late. A lot has been going on here. I was walking between 1 – 2 miles daily until 10 days ago. I am currently off all my meds until we figure out what is going on with my wonky bloodwork. The issue I have with being off my meds is the fatigue sets back in and I struggle to get through the day. I did a short video for this week’s cooking video because I just did not have the energy to edit a longer one. I am struggling with staying awake the four hours I work daily. I could use prayers that they figure out what is going on and are able to get me back on the meds that work against this fatigue.

So, onto the weight loss journey. Despite all of this I managed to meet my weight loss goal for the month. I am not sure how I managed to do it because I did go to the National Cornbread Festival and ate more carbs than I needed. We also went out to eat a couple of times, but I tried to make wiser choices. Before this fatigue set back in, I did my daily walk except on days it was raining. We have not had much rain lately, so I got a good bit of walking in. I am satisfied with my results. I have a 5-pound goal each month and I ended up losing 6.1 pounds. I barely made it, but I did!

Here are my results:

Starting weight 3/6/2022 – 300.4 lbs
Week One – 3/13/2022 – 295.4 lbs
Week Two – 3/20/2022 – 291.8 lbs
Week Three -3/27/2022- 291.2 lbs
Week Four – 4/3/2022 – 286.9 lbs
Week Eight – 5/01/2022 – 280.8 lbs

TOTAL LOST = 19.6 lbs

My pants are getting very loose on me and that is a good feeling. I am going to have to get my sewing machine working so I can adjust the waist where they won’t fall down. Or maybe I need to get some suspenders like Steve has…lol Thanks for stopping by. I have more recipes to post. I will eventually get caught up. Have a blessed week.