Still a Covid Long-hauler

The last post I did got removed because I spoke of individual choice for vaccines, how I feel like a pawn in the Covid guessing game, and why people do not trust anything the so called “experts” are saying. So, I will keep this short and sweet. I am still struggling as a Covid Long-hauler.Continue reading “Still a Covid Long-hauler”

Post Covid Cycles

I feel like I’m going in circles with this Post Covid whatever it is. The past week I’ve been dealing with pneumonia and oxygen drops. Physical therapy has been put on hold until I’m over the cough and my oxygen stabilizes. Im now on a stronger inhaler. My sleep study shows my oxygen dropping aContinue reading “Post Covid Cycles”

Day 119 since Positive Test – Covid-19 Symptoms continue…

The photo above is one of the many sleeping positions of Bobbi Jo. She gets comfy at the expensive of the other dogs. Diane does not seem to mind. lol They love all the naps I’ve been taking. MS or Covid-19? That is the big question. I spoke with my neurologist who did not realizeContinue reading “Day 119 since Positive Test – Covid-19 Symptoms continue…”

Day 100 Covid-19

I have not posted an update lately but there is not really anything to update. Things are still the same. I find the most aggravating part of this is trying to explain to people that I am still recovering from Covid-19. I am testing negative and according to my infectious disease doctor I am noContinue reading “Day 100 Covid-19”

Never-ending Covid-19 Day 74

On days when my head is not throbbing so badly that I cannot think at all, I spend a little time researching “Covid Long-Haulers”, “Long Covid” or “Post Covid. It is known by many names. I have been through scientific and medical journals hoping to read about some breakthrough in treatment. I have been onContinue reading “Never-ending Covid-19 Day 74”