The Lake Hills City Birds

Blue Jays

I have several Blue Jays in my backyard. I often see a pair together. I’m assuming that is a male and female. Blue Jays often mate for life, staying with their partner all year long.

These are beautiful birds with bright blue feathers. They have several shades of blue on their back feathers. They are white underneath. It looks like they have a black necklace around their neck. Blue Jays are easy to identify. They are the larger of the songbirds.

Blue Jays prefer tray feeders rather than hanging feeders. They love peanuts, sunflower seeds, and suet. I believe peanuts are their favorite. You can see them flying off with peanuts in the video below. I have a video on my YouTube channel of a Blue Jay enjoying the birdbath. They also stop by the bird bath for a drink of water regularly.

Blue Jays also like insects, acorns, and I’ve seen them enjoying chestnuts from the tree in the backyard. They’ve been known to raid nests for eggs and seedlings.

In my backyard they live in the cedar trees along the back of my property line. They stock food to eat later. They can be an aggressive bird towards the smaller birds. I’ve seen Mockingbirds stand their ground with the Blue Jays though. Blue Jays are a beautiful bird to watch in the backyard. It is also fun to listen to the many sounds that make as they communicate.