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Week 1 – Counting Calories

When I started working, I started gaining weight. I had no energy to cook after working 8-hour days. Had I known training was full-time I probably would not have taken the job. My doctor advised against doing the 40 hours for the first few weeks, but I went ahead anyway. He told me since IContinue reading “Week 1 – Counting Calories”

New Job

I haven’t written an update in a while, so I figured it was about time. I made it through the 2nd round of Covid. It was much easier the second time, but I did have treatments this time that I didn’t have the first time. As far as my Long Covid, the doctors believe mostContinue reading “New Job”

Still a Covid Long-hauler

The last post I did got removed because I spoke of individual choice for vaccines, how I feel like a pawn in the Covid guessing game, and why people do not trust anything the so called “experts” are saying. So, I will keep this short and sweet. I am still struggling as a Covid Long-hauler.Continue reading “Still a Covid Long-hauler”

Post Covid Cycles

I feel like I’m going in circles with this Post Covid whatever it is. The past week I’ve been dealing with pneumonia and oxygen drops. Physical therapy has been put on hold until I’m over the cough and my oxygen stabilizes. Im now on a stronger inhaler. My sleep study shows my oxygen dropping aContinue reading “Post Covid Cycles”

Post Covid-19 Rehab

I just wanted to do a quick update before I forget about the week that I just made it through. Bobbi Jo is standing over my laptop looking at me. I think she misses cooking doggie treats. Or she may be saying, “Mom you were supposed to brush me today and you haven’t yet.” lolContinue reading “Post Covid-19 Rehab”

Day 100 Covid-19

I have not posted an update lately but there is not really anything to update. Things are still the same. I find the most aggravating part of this is trying to explain to people that I am still recovering from Covid-19. I am testing negative and according to my infectious disease doctor I am noContinue reading “Day 100 Covid-19”

Day 83 – Election Day

Happy Election Day everyone. I know most people will be happy for it to be over. Politics have consumed our country lately. I early-voted a couple weeks ago. The lines have been extremely long. We went on different days and different times to see if the lines were any better. They were not. On theContinue reading “Day 83 – Election Day”

Never-ending Covid-19 Day 74

On days when my head is not throbbing so badly that I cannot think at all, I spend a little time researching “Covid Long-Haulers”, “Long Covid” or “Post Covid. It is known by many names. I have been through scientific and medical journals hoping to read about some breakthrough in treatment. I have been onContinue reading “Never-ending Covid-19 Day 74”

Covid-19 Day 38

To be quite honest, I figured I would have been over this 30 days ago. This originally started out feeling like a sinus infection and sore throat. Even when I had the cough and low oxygen it did not feel as bad as some other illnesses I have battled in life. I never imagined thatContinue reading “Covid-19 Day 38”

Covid-19 Day 33

I started out this Covid journey saying I have had worse illnesses than this in the past. I have had flus that made me a lot sicker than Covid. But that was before I realized it was going to continue for over a month. With the flu you are better usually within a week. IContinue reading “Covid-19 Day 33”

Day 30 Covid-19

September 12, 2020 – I started off my day going for a short walk at the lake. I only take one dog with me each day because I cannot handle more than that right now. I lose my balance easily, so I have a walking stick I use to keep me upright. Today was Diane’sContinue reading “Day 30 Covid-19”

Covid-19 Day 29

September 11, 2020 – I know I said I was done with the Covid posts since I got 2 negative test results, but I am still experiencing problems. My doctor says it is related to Covid because I am having a lot of the same issues as others he has treated. My lungs are clear,Continue reading “Covid-19 Day 29”

Tennessee Hummingbirds

I filled the hummingbird feeders with fresh sugar water today. The poor things have not had fresh water since I was diagnosed with Covid-19. I sat on the porch and watched four beautiful hummingbirds fight over the feeders. Here is a slideshow of the photos I took.

Covid-19 Day 21

Thursday September 3rd – Another quick post. I have been extremely tired today. I am not sure if the new inhaler is working but I will give it another day. I have been coughing more today. I know my airways are severely inflamed, but I also feel like my esophagus is too. All in all,Continue reading “Covid-19 Day 21”

Covid-19 day 18

Monday, August 31st – Today, I woke up coughing badly again. I called the imaging center to see if they could schedule my CT scan since the insurance had already approved it. I was scheduled for 3:15pm. After the scan was completed, they had me wait in the parking lot while they got a radiologistContinue reading “Covid-19 day 18”

Covid-19 Day 16

Saturday, August 29th – I felt a little better today. I have not done anything because when I do, I have shortness of breath and start coughing. I wanted pizza for lunch. I am not sure why because I still cannot taste anything.  I left Steve in charge of preparing the meals and we madeContinue reading “Covid-19 Day 16”

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