The Lake Hills City Birds

American Goldfinch

This time of the year the American Goldfinches return to Lake Hills. A flock can be seen in the park enjoying dandelion seeds. They still have their winter colors which are a much duller color than the vibrant colors they have in the spring and summer.

This is a photo of the winter colors. This bird is probably molting. Notice how the colors look patchy? Birds shed (or molt) their feathers at certain times of the year to make way for their new colors. Goldfinches molt in late winter and late summer.

They love foraging through the tall grasses of the park. They enjoy all sorts of seeds. In March the grasses start growing tall here. The weather is still too cold to mow. These birds love it.

Here is a Goldfinch enjoying some flower seeds. When I put seed in my feeders, I make sure to have sunflower seeds because those seem to be a favorite of Goldfinches.

Female Goldfinches are brownish in color. The males have the bright yellow feathers.

Goldfinches breed later than most birds around here. They start to nest in June/July. They wait until plants like milkweed, thistle, and sunflower plants have produced seeds, which goldfinches incorporate into their nests and also feed their young.

They love when my sunflower seeds dry out. I plant them just for the birds. It is so entertaining watching these beautiful birds enjoy the seeds straight from the sunflower. They eat mostly seeds.

I hope you get some of these beautiful birds in your backyard. Add sunflower and nyjer seeds to your feeders for a better chance of attracting them.

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