The Lake Hills City Birds

Mourning Dove

I know most people do not want to hear this on a bird BLOG but Mourning Doves are the most frequently hunted species in North America. I enjoy watching these beautiful birds in my backyard. There is no hunting going on in my backyard. I also understand that these and many other species of birds have found their way to dinner tables around the world. It seems in today’s society the thought of an animal being used to feed a family is offensive. Yet, they are okay stopping by KFC and getting a bucket of chicken.

These beautiful birds are a buffy tan – brown with some pinkish tones on some. They have black spots on their back feathers. They are 9.1 – 13.4 inches long. They weigh between 3.4 – 6.0 oz. And have a wingspan of 17.7 inches.

This one has pink talons wrapped around the shepherd’s hook. They perch anywhere. I often seen them up on the power lines. They perch up there in a line.

Seeds make up 99% of the Mourning Doves diet. They can be seen sitting in my bird feeders for hours gobbling down the seed. Mourning Doves eat roughly 12 to 20 percent of their body weight per day. A lot of people mistake these birds for pigeons.

In the video below you can see them enjoying the bird bath.

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