The Lake Hills City Birds

Pine Warblers

Pine Warblers are colorful little birds. I almost confused them with the Tennessee Warbler. Pine Warblers are larger than Tennessee Warblers. These cute birds live high up in the pine trees. We have 3 very old and tall pine trees in our backyard that they enjoy.

This bird’s length is 5.1 – 5.5 inches, weight is 0.3 oz – 0.5oz, and wingspan is 7.5 – 9.1 inches. They have white bellies, two white wing bars, dark legs, and thin, relatively long bills. Adult males have olive upperparts and bright yellow throats and breasts. Females are olive-brown and throats and breasts are a paler yellow. The young birds are yellowish to gray but very pale.

Insects make up most of their diet, but these are the only warblers that eat large quantities of seeds. They enjoy seeds of pines. They can also be seen at feeders eating seeds and suet cakes. In my YouTube video this bird is seen enjoying suet cakes.

Most warblers leave the United States for winter. The Pine Warbler does not. It stays in the Southeast and is one of the first to return north in the spring. That explains why I usually only see these beautiful little birds in the winter.

I’m happy they decided to take up residence in my pine trees.

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