Health Update – 26 months Post Covid

I’ve had a few emails asking why I never write about my Long Covid anymore. Well, I’m tired of hearing about it so I’m sure others are too. I’m still living it. I’m still doing my best to get through each day with what brain power I have left. All these new studies are being published about the long term brain and organ damage Covid causes even in people that weren’t hospitalized. I have been telling doctors this for 2 years. I have no faith in our Healthcare system after being treated the way I was by these so called doctors in Chattanooga in 2020. Then, when I finally find doctors who actually help improve my quality of life, they get labeled as quacks (they aren’t and they’ve helped me more than anyone locally). I don’t know if you have realized it, but we are living in an upside down world. I pray you are wise enough to realize this.

If you are trying to deal with Long Covid the best advice I can give you is to quit comparing yourself to the person you were before. Don’t push yourself because it will make it worse. Learn to pace yourself and know your limits. Do not listen to what others think because they will never understand unless they go through it themselves. You will learn who really cares about you when you suffer from long-term illness. Hold those people close to you. Listen to your body. I still take midday naps. Turn off the electronics if you are having brain issues. Go outside and breathe some fresh air. If you have a sensory processing disorder now, limit loud noises, TVs, and computer screens. Don’t do like me and end up with seizures because you think you can handle the same things you did pre-covid.

Most importantly, open your Bible and get closer to God. Learn to be joyful through your trials. Even if your health feels hopeless there is still hope. Let this build your faith even more.

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