Counting Calories Week 3 & 4

Counting Calories Week 3 & 4

I haven’t stopped counting calories. I am still on track. The beginning of week four I had a seizure, and it takes a few days for me to recover from that. I tried to save my brain power and screen time for work and was not on the computer much afterwards. That is why I didn’t Blog last week. I also didn’t do my daily walking on week 4. I didn’t have the energy as I was recovering from the seizure.

Here is a summary of week 3.

Week 4 summary –

I averaged less calories per day. I tried to eat less since I wasn’t able to workout like I had been. Plus, I don’t eat as much when I am tired and fatigued. I will get back on track with my walking in the morning. I have no exercise to share for Week 4. I did get out in the yard yesterday and clean up my garden, rake up some leaves, and pick up some branches. That was the first real physical activity I had done all week.

This is our first 4 weeks of counting calories. I hit my 5 lb monthly goal and my sister also hit hers. So, we each have to put $25 in our weight loss fund.nbjhghf Here is my weight loss summary for the first 4 weeks.

Starting weight 3/6/2022 – 300.4 lbs
Week One – 3/13/2022 – 295.4 lbs
Week Two – 3/20/2022 – 291.8 lbs
Week Three -3/27/2022- 291.2 lbs
Week Four – 4/3/2022 – 286.9 lbs

TOTAL LOST = 13.5 lbs

Here’s hoping I have the same results over the next 4 weeks.

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