Week 2 – Counting Calories

I only went over my daily calorie allowance once this week. Yesterday, I spent all morning deep cleaning my house. Around 11am I took Jack on a mile walk and then I worked in the yard. I had five tree seedlings to plant for Tennessee Tree Day. I got those planted and then I cleaned off my patio and washed the patio furniture. I was outside until about 3:30pm. I went back inside, took a bath, and I did not feel like cooking dinner. So, I had Steve go to Wendy’s and pick up dinner. That is where I went over by about one hundred calories. Although, I burnt off a lot of calories, so it was okay.

Monday through Friday if it is not raining, I get up, get dressed, and take one or two dogs for a walk. I tried to increase my walking distance to 1 1/2 miles each day this week. Wednesday it rained so I did not walk. Friday, we had storms moving in, but I was able to get a little over a mile in before the storms got here. By the time I get back from walking it is usually close to 10am. I start work at 11:30am. This makes it difficult for me to have breakfast and lunch. I only work 4 hours, so I do not get a lunch break. I have been trying to eat breakfast closer to 9:30 and then have a smoothie or something quick closer to 11am for lunch. There are a few days that I went without lunch. It is because my breakfast is more like Brunch.

Here is what I ate for the week and my walking record. I also do housework and yardwork, but I am only tracking my walking.

My muscles have been sore from all the walking, but I keep going because I know it will eventually go away. I know my body and I will not lose weight even with reduced calories if I do not keep moving. Plus, I have not felt like walking in a long time because of health issues, therefore, I am going to enjoy it while I can.

I am placing my grocery order today. I usually shop every two weeks. Although, I did shop last Friday because there was chicken on sale at United Grocery Outlet and I stock up anytime there are sales. With the way prices are increasing we must save where we can. I was pleased with my weight loss when I stepped on the scales this morning. My sister and I set our monthly goal at 5 lbs. If I meet my goal, she puts $25 in and if she meets her goal, I put $25 in. We set it at 5 lbs because we wanted a reachable goal. Since we can gain before the month is up, we wait until the end of the month to tally up the results. If we stick with it, we will have enough money for a mini vacation in January.

Here are my results so far.

Starting weight 3/6/2022 – 300.4 lbs
Week One – 3/13/2022 – 295.4 lbs
Week Two – 3/20/2022 – 291.8 lbs

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