Week 1 – Counting Calories

When I started working, I started gaining weight. I had no energy to cook after working 8-hour days. Had I known training was full-time I probably would not have taken the job. My doctor advised against doing the 40 hours for the first few weeks, but I went ahead anyway. He told me since I was going to be stubborn about it to make sure I rested my brain as soon as I got off work. He was worried about me relapsing. I made it through but I gained a lot of weight. I was eating fast food and highly processed easy to heat up foods at home. I was already obese but the extra 23 lbs I put on was depressing.

Now that I am working my part-time schedule, I decided it is time to do something about it. Looking back, I could have eaten a salad every evening and it would have been healthier and quicker. I don’t know about you, but I always go for the high calorie carb filled foods when I think of quick and easy.

I am doing full disclosure on this weight loss journey. I weighed-in a week ago at 300.4 lbs. I have not been over 300 lbs in 15 years. I was very disappointed in myself. I did not sit around and have a pity party though. That just leads to eating more junk food. I got my sister on board because she needs to lose a lot of weight too. It is easier with a weight loss buddy. I sat down and made out a meal plan, a grocery list, and did my online order. I do curbside pickup. Even though Covid cases are going down quickly, I still do curbside. I have found it saves me money by not going in the store. I am forced to stick to a list with curbside pickup. There is a $4.99 fee but it still saves me about $30 because I am not adding extra stuff to the buggy.

I am not doing any specific diet. I am just counting calories. If I eat something I shouldn’t, I just subtract it from my calorie intake. I try my best not to go over my total daily allowance. I did go over it by a few calories on Saturday. We had snow and I wanted pinto beans and cornbread. I can’t eat just one cup of beans and one slice of cornbread.

 I am going to share my meal plan, what I actually ate, my grocery haul, and exercises for the week with you. If you want to know how to make anything on my meal plans, I will be posting cooking videos of everything in the coming weeks. I will also post recipes in the recipe section of the website.

At my weight & height I need to stay under 1750 calories in order to lose weight. If anyone wants to join us, please leave a comment or send me an email.

March 6, 2022 – Starting weight – 300.4. I’m 5’10” tall.

Weekly walking

March 13, 2022 Weigh-in
295.4lbs – 5 lbs lost

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