Still a Covid Long-hauler

The last post I did got removed because I spoke of individual choice for vaccines, how I feel like a pawn in the Covid guessing game, and why people do not trust anything the so called “experts” are saying. So, I will keep this short and sweet. I am still struggling as a Covid Long-hauler. I have hand pain, arm pain, and now the pain has traveled into my right leg again. I have headaches and cannot do mental activity for more than 15 minutes before I am severely fatigued. The good news is I can do physical activity with breaks for about 4 hours before becoming so exhausted I need a long nap. I feel like some things improve and other things get worse. I quit going to doctors. I have not seen a doctor since February 12th. My lungs are still good after stopping all my inhalers. I continue to take it a day at a time. I do not take any prescription medications and am only taking over the counter and natural remedies. I am tired of being tired, but I keep waking up and doing as much as I can each morning before the afternoon brain fog and fatigue settles in and I must sleep. I have no idea how many days out I am now because I quit counting. I can tell you it has been a long time. I am still part of a Covid Brain study and went for a brain scan on Tuesday. I am still waiting to hear the results of that. My neurologist is the only doctor I see because she does not cost me anything because I am part of a study. That is about it. I hope everyone had a blessed Resurrection Day.

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