Post Covid Cycles

I feel like I’m going in circles with this Post Covid whatever it is. The past week I’ve been dealing with pneumonia and oxygen drops. Physical therapy has been put on hold until I’m over the cough and my oxygen stabilizes. Im now on a stronger inhaler. My sleep study shows my oxygen dropping a lot at night so we are going to try a CPAP. I have an appointment Tuesday but they may not see me because I’m still having Covid symptoms. She’s supposed to let me know tomorrow after she speaks with management. Im not sure how Covid Long-haulers are supposed to get the help we need when health care providers are scared to treat us because we still have all the Covid-19 symptoms. I just did another Covid test. It was negative. I have worked in Healthcare for many years and I was always told it was my job to care for sick people. I never turned anyone away because I was afraid of getting sick.

We’ve got all these self proclaimed Covid experts out there with their false recovery rates making people who have actually been affected by Covid want to scream. If you didn’t die from Covid-19 you are considered fully recovered. Y’all need to realize a very large percentage of survivors are not fully recovered. The department of health classifies all survivors as recovered. I went 24 hrs with no fever and they released me. Nevermind 5 months later I’m still not better. There are thousands of us dealing with this. Y’all go ahead and run your mouth about the high recovery rates because we need you internet Covid experts out there. I’m sure that you will save the world with your false fully recovered rate. I’m done venting.

I did too much today. I got home around 3pm and slept till about 7pm and haven’t been able to move much since. I try to stay up as much as I can because staying in bed isn’t good for pneumonia. I know everyone says rest but I need to be upright so it doesn’t settle in my chest. Plus my oxygen is better when I’m sitting up.

These symptoms go in cycles. I’m now back at the beginning with the cough and sore throat. I’ve never experienced anything this frustrating in my life. We are trying to get the other house ready to move into. I’m trying to work through the fatigue which makes me even more fatigued.

We go over there a few hours each day and do what we can. I usually take a nap but today I didn’t. Between my Post Covid Syndrome and Steve’s injured knee we are quite a pair. We keep pushing each other along.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know it has been quite a year for a lot of people. It is tough being stuck home but I’m thankful I have lived through this so far. So many families are grieving the loss of loved ones this Christmas and my heart goes out to them. Let’s pray for brighter days to come. We will get through the storm with the Lord’s help.

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