Day 119 since Positive Test – Covid-19 Symptoms continue…

The photo above is one of the many sleeping positions of Bobbi Jo. She gets comfy at the expensive of the other dogs. Diane does not seem to mind. lol They love all the naps I’ve been taking.

MS or Covid-19? That is the big question. I spoke with my neurologist who did not realize I was diagnosed with Covid-19 only a week after he diagnosed me with MS. I called his office about 6 weeks after my diagnosis to try to get an appointment because I was having so many headaches and brain issues. I was told they couldn’t get me in until the end of January. Apparently, no one relayed the message to him that I had Covid. Knowing what he knows now about Covid and the brain lesions that mimic MS, he is leaning toward Covid and not MS. Now, I’m not sure if I am happy about this because no one really knows what Covid is doing to us. With MS the outcome isn’t the best but at least I know what to expect. Here is what we do know. I most likely got Covid in July since that is when my brain symptoms started. I made an appointment with my neurologist in July because I felt like something was wrong with my brain. I was tired, couldn’t think, and was having trouble doing my job because my words were not coming out right. I thought something was going on with my brain because of a head injury I had years ago. It never occurred to me it was Covid because I did not have a cough or any of the respiratory symptoms at that time. He also did not think to get me tested because I wasn’t having those symptoms. The CDC does not say look for brain issues to start with. Guess what? The CDC like everyone else has no idea how to prevent Covid or how this virus works. It all seems to be a guessing game and we are the guinea pigs.

I have no problem being a guinea pig if it helps someone else and doesn’t involve a bunch of pharmaceuticals. I am still on the MS Best Bet Diet and taking all the supplements. I still have all the same symptoms and problems, but I pray that time will heal my body. I know it will happen in God’s time. My short-term disability was denied because I did not have any test results backing up what the doctor was saying. Apparently, 4 doctors saying this is Covid and they don’t know how to treat it is not enough for insurance companies. They need labs, xrays, or other tests to show why I am having severe fatigue, dizziness, memory issues, cognitive problems, and on and on. Never mind we are in the middle of a global pandemic where everyone is an expert, but no one has answers. Give it more time is what I am always told. I will be filing an appeal and now I have a brain scan to use that shows lesions that the neurologist thinks are caused from Covid. He is ordering another scan, but I really don’t think the insurance will approve it.

Because my short term was denied I now must pay the insurance company the premiums that typically come out of my paycheck. But I haven’t received a paycheck since the end of September because the insurance company denied my short-term disability extension. Therefore, I am supposed to magically come up with the money to pay the premiums back dated to Oct 1st or they will cancel my insurance. But I am still employed for the insurance company even though I am not getting paid anything. Yep, fun times.

I have been forced to slow down. I spend a lot more time with God these days so maybe that is part of the reason for all of this. I try not to focus on what I cannot do and instead focus on what I can do. It may not be much but at least I still can get some things done. I must take a 3-hour nap in between. Is 3 hours even a nap? At what point is it no longer considered a nap?  

I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow. I have a sleep study Monday. And an appointment with my lung doctor on Dec 22nd. If I don’t write again before Christmas. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas. We hope to be in our new home (or Steve’s old home…lol) by Christmas. We are going to be putting this one on the market soon. We need to do some deep cleaning, decluttering, painting, and we may leave the rest to the next owners. On that note…God Bless and Good night!

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