Day 100 Covid-19

I have not posted an update lately but there is not really anything to update. Things are still the same. I find the most aggravating part of this is trying to explain to people that I am still recovering from Covid-19. I am testing negative and according to my infectious disease doctor I am no longer contagious. There are so many theories on why some of us end up with this, but they are just theories and no doctor can give me a definite answer. Long-term Covid, Post Covid Syndrome, Long Covid are just a few names for it. I have not been able to get my short-term disability extended. The last time I was paid was the last week of September. My pulmonologist is getting me set up for a sleep study. He states that as much as I’m sleeping my oxygen levels may be dropping while I sleep which can make it more difficult to heal.

Symptoms I’m still having: Headaches, dizziness/off balance, memory and concentration issues, inability to speak for long periods of time, I forget words, jumble words together, or mispronounce words or use the wrong word, mentally I’m very slow compared to what I was pre-covid. Joint pain, fever spikes, severe hair loss, esophagus inflamed, numbness in feet and hands/fingers, fingers twitching, ringing in ears, ears feel constantly stopped up, hearing loss, shortness of breath, racing heart, and extreme tiredness and weakness.

My hair is falling out in clumps and I’m getting bald spots on my head.

I had to cut my long hair since it is falling out in clumps and by the handful. It is still long enough that I can brush it over to hide the bald spots. But here is a pic of what I am dealing with.

I still plan out my day and my 2-4-hour naps. I may be awake for an hour or two and then must sleep for a few hours to reenergize. The only problem is I’m never really energized. I get enough energy to sit up instead of sleep. I’m usually done for the day after my first nap.

The infectious disease doctor stated that my primary care physician was doing everything that can be done for Post Covid Syndrome. It is new and all they know to tell me is rest, rest, rest. I need to try to walk 5 – 10 minutes a day but other than that rest and get plenty of sunshine. My bloodwork came back. My CRP level is down to 2. It was 249. So, my diet and supplements must be working even if I don’t feel it yet.

I am still avoiding crowds and stores because I don’t need to catch this again. My doctor said since I am having such a difficult time recovering from this that if I caught it again it could kill me. I do everything to protect myself but if people around me don’t respect that and keep a distance then it isn’t protecting me like needed. Masks are not 100%. Therefore, I decided the best way to protect myself is to avoid as many people as possible.

The CDC is finally recognizing it as a thing. Here is the link:

I am going to do a video on our YouTube channel to talk about this. It may take me a few days to complete it but hopefully I will have it posted in the next few days. This has been the longest 100 days of my entire life. I could use continued prayers. I know God is in control and I am still working on being joyful through my suffering.

I hope y’all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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