Day 83 – Election Day

Happy Election Day everyone. I know most people will be happy for it to be over. Politics have consumed our country lately. I early-voted a couple weeks ago. The lines have been extremely long. We went on different days and different times to see if the lines were any better. They were not. On the day we voted, we got there an hour before the polls opened and the line was already around the back of the building.  So, I made up my mind I was going to fight through the fatigue and vote. I sat on the curb and rested until they opened, and the line started to move. I should have brought a chair like a lot of people did. I had my mask on and was distancing myself as were most people. Once the line started moving everyone crowded closer together, but I continued to keep my 6ft or more distance. Basically, there was a lot of room in front of me but not behind me. I feel like I should have brought a broom or something to hold out for people to stay back. I know a lot of people do not take Covid-19 as seriously as I do. I would probably be one of those people had I not gotten it. Even though most people recover quickly with no issues there are still quite a few of us that do not. It turns your life upside down.  So back to voting. Luckily, once the line started to move it went quickly.

I got inside the door and they question me about my t-shirt. I was asked twice if I was sure it was not a political shirt. It had an American flag on it. It is a shirt my husband got for me when he donated blood. I did not realize an American flag is considered political. After I explained the shirt, they let me go on in to vote.

I wonder if the lines are better today since it seems most people voted early. I found this old t-shirt while going through some clothes at my husband’s childhood home which we are getting ready to move into. Some of you may be too young to remember Alf. I used to love the show. I figured this shirt was perfect for election day! I wonder if I would have been kicked out of the voting precinct if I had this on. lol I might influence people to write-in Alf on the ballot.

Okay, so on to the subject of Covid-19. I had a tele-health appointment with an Infectious Disease doctor today. We went over all my medical history, symptoms I am currently having, and medications I have been given. He stated this sounds like classic Post Covid Syndrome, but he is sending me for more bloodwork just to rule out any other underlying issues. He is also requesting additional medical records from my doctors to review my past medical history. In the meantime, I am just supposed to do what I have been doing…rest…rest…rest. He said I’m definitely not contagious any longer. He said I do not need to catch the flu or Covid-19 again so I still need to avoid large crowds and people who have been around large crowds.

In my quiet time on Sunday I read 1 Peter 1:1-8. I read that and thought to myself that I have been failing miserably at rejoicing through my trials. I am focusing on myself and what I cannot do compared to what I could do 3 months ago. I have been worried about losing my job. I have been putting a lot of energy (which I don’t have) into trying to get my short-term disability approved so we can pay bills. I have been wondering if I am going to be the same as I was before Covid-19. I feel terrible and it shows in my attitude. So, this week I have been focusing on how trials are meant to grow my faith. I am doing my best to change the focus from myself and to God, His word, and the incredible gift of salvation.

I will update when I have additional information and the energy to do so. I hope everyone has a great election day and a blessed week.

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